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How to welcome guests in style

With the holiday weekend around the corner, you might be hosting overnight guests (invited or uninvited). No need to panic. A few last minute tips make everyone feel welcomed.


flowers in the house

1.  Nothing says “welcome to our home” more than fresh flowers in the guest room and guest bathroom. If flowers are plentiful in your yard, add a bouquet to every room. If not, a fresh cutting of greenery will do in a pinch.


2. A basket with hand towels, fragrant bath soaps, travel shampoos, hand lotions, and bath salts gives your room that special hotel touch with little effort.

Click Clack Sofabed Chaise

3. A quick-changing sofa to sofabed makes all the difference in the world.
Whereas a sofa can sleep one, a sofabed can sleep two comfortably, or even three if needed.


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