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How to shop for a sofabed

When size of a room is an issue, one of the best investments you can make for your home is a sofabed.

A sofabed or sofa sleeper gives you the flexibility of a sofa for sitting AND a bed for overnight guests. Add a sofabed to your family room, guest room, or den and you’ll have an instant spare bedroom when you need it.

Luckily today’s sofabeds are more comfortable and come in more styles than ever before.

Wynn Queen Size Sofabed w/ innerspring mattress

When shopping for a sofabed, remember it will most likely be used primarily for seating so make sure it fits your personal taste.

• Look for kiln-dried hardwood, not soft woods such as pine. A hardwood will be more durable and sturdy than a soft wood frame.

• Inspect the opening and closing mechanisms. It should open in one smooth motion without strain.

• Feel for smooth edges on all inner mechanisms of the sofabed so that sheets and blankets don’t get caught and tear. A common question from sofabed owners is “Do I have to remove the sheets before closing the sofabed?” The answer is “yes.” The sofabed was designed to close without the bulk of a blanket or sheets.

• Test the mattress for its quality. The mattress should support your body at the shoulders, hips, and lower back. Lie down and test it, just as if you were buying a bed. Your sofabed should feel as comfortable as the bed you sleep in every night.

• Measure your space. Sofabeds are much heavier than sofas. You wouldn’t want to move your sofabed up a staircase only to find out it doesn’t fit the allotted space. Always measure your space as well as the sofabed opened and closed. If you are placing furniture in front of the sofabed, such as a coffee table, make sure it is light and easy to move. Remember the sofabed needs room to open fully.

• Lastly, take your time and try out as many sofabeds as possible. Wear comfortable shoes and have fun shopping while finding what’s perfect for you.

Malou Full Size Sofabed


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