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Serving a colorful, cultural plate

I love Thanksgiving. Not only because I have a one day pass to overeat, but also because Thanksgiving is about tradition and family. Unlike other holidays such as July 4th, Thanksgiving is a day celebrated at home. In Hawaii, we are so blessed with so many rich cultures and traditions, I’m sure our Thanksgiving tables offer more color, zest, and variety than any where else on the mainland.

Amidst the traditional turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, you might find sushi, kim chee, sashimi, lumpia, haupia chocolate pie, tako poke, crispy gau gee, nishime, and other mouth-watering temptations. Potlucks offer the best buffet spread because every home has their “specialty.” The generousity of our island really comes to life in our diverse food choices.
Randy Yama, Retail Manager at HomeWorld Honolulu shares his classic recipe for tako poke. Randy adds “The longer you simmer the tako, the more tender it will be. I like my tako a little more on the firm side.” Maybe you’ll want to include this on your holiday table and start a new family tradition. Happy Thanksgiving!
Tako Poke
2 lbs. fresh tako
1 packet Hondashi
2 T. sesame oil
4 T. shoyu
2 T. Sambal hot chili paste
1 lg onion, diced
2 stocks green onion, diced
1 cup sake

Clean and dry the tako. Separate the head and legs. Place the tako in
a boiling pot and add 1 cup of sake. Add Hondashi and simmer for 1
When the tako is done, rinse with cold water and ice down to stop the
internal cooking.
Cut the tako into bite size pieces and add the sesame oil, shoyu,
Sambal, round onion and mix. Add the green onion last.
Chill for at least an hour before serving.


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