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Hosting a Holiday Party

Well it’s the holidays, my favorite time of the year! It’s time to celebrate the Christmas cheer with friends and family! Will you be the guest this year or the pleasing host? If you are planning a holiday party at your home, here are a few ideas to make sure it’s a warm and memorable gathering.
Make sure your guests feel comfortable from the minute they arrive. Be the first person they see when they walk through your front door, and the last person they see as they depart. Greet each guest warmly and personally so they feel important and special. A warm welcoming fragrance in the air is an essential detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Hopefully that wonderful aroma is coming from your oven! But it can also be as simple as mulling spices simmering on your stove. A good smell in the air is an unconscious cue to everyone that something good is in store for them.
Playing music is a good way to keep everyone in a festive mood. From the moment your guests walk through the door, you want them to feel surrounded by the hospitality and energy of your home. If you have an ipod, create a great playlist of holiday songs that everyone will enjoy. Or simply put on a holiday station that plays the classics.
Have a serving station stocked and ready to go, to help transport your guests into the party mode. I like to have something chilling in the refrigerator, or iced in the freezer so that I can serve a cocktail or refreshment at a moments notice. Before someone asks for a drink… it’s ready to be poured. Serve at least one or two hors d’ oeuvers fresh from the oven. Make sure you have enough of everything to go around. If your guest have brought a special holiday treat, place it out right away so that they know how much you appreciate their thoughtful gesture.
Be ready. Plan everything in advance so that you can be a guest at your own party. There is nothing worse that a frantic host. The better prepared you are the more you’ll enjoy your evening. The heartwarming memories of your party will linger long after your friends and family have left. That’s what the holidays are all about.
Merry Christmas to all.

Contributed by Christine Bongiorno-Grabau, Home Furnishing Consultant at HomeWorld Furniture Honolulu


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