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Make Every Inch Count!

“The illusion of space is the next best thing to having it.”
Christopher Lowell

A common decorating challenge for many of us is small spaces. I hear this countless times from my customers, especially those who have relocated to Hawaii from the mainland and those who live in high rise condos in Honolulu. With a few simple tricks, you can overcome this challenge and create a comfortable and functional home for you and your family.

1. Use mirrors to add depth. Mirrors reflect the entire room and eliminate a feeling of claustrophobia.
2. Use open, or wall-mounted shelving to draw the eye up. Use the shelves for much needed storage.
3. Double duty furniture is a big help in a small space. Chose a lift-top cocktail table with drawers and you’ll have storage and a place to work, eat, and play games. Storage ottomans are wonderful for comfort as well as storing games, DVDs and books.
4. When choosing your furniture, consider an oversize loveseat or a full-size sofa sleeper rather than a large scale sofa. You’ll save on space and a full-size sleeper can sleep two in a pinch. Add smaller scale accent chairs for additional seating.
5. Most importantly, eliminate clutter whenever possible. Go clean and simple with a few pieces that stand out. Be creative with the space you have and make every inch count.

Contributed by Christine Bongiorno-Grabau, Home Furnishing Consultant at HomeWorld Furniture Honolulu

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