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Visiting Vietnam by Daphne Oliveros

Furniture markets are in full swing in the Far East. Our first stop is Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Over the last decade we have seen manufacturing of home furnishings in Vietnam evolve and mature. While originally sourced for value merchandise, today we find a variety of products from basic dining to stylized bedroom collections.

We spend half day at the fair which is still quite small compared to other markets.

The next day, we travel 1 ½ hours to a great factory that manufactures bedroom furniture for brands like Lexington, Broyhill, Drexel, Lea, Lane, and others. We look forward to adding a couple of collections from this factory with Folio 21 coming later this year.

They incorporate state of the art equipment and testing at their factory.

Here is a laser veneer cutter from Italy.

Testing equipment includes chair structure testing for 10,000 rocking back and forth.

Drawer glide testing for 20,000 open and close.

We also had time to walk around the city. Vietnam is a city of contrasts. There are new contemporary buildings right next to old building from the 1800’s.

Motorcycles and mopeds seem to be the norm for transportation. They are everywhere.

It is hot and humid in Vietnam but we are lucky that is was not raining with thunderstorms as the weather reports had predicted. The people are very nice. Our taxi driver actually offers to let me drive. Of course he was joking (I think). The Vietnamese have their own rules of the road that would not work back home in Hawaii!

About Me:
I’m the Division Manager at HomeWorld Furniture and have spent more than 27 years in the furniture business. My work has given me the opportunity to travel exotic places such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Coppenhagen. Visiting factories, attending furniture shows, and being exposed to different cultures has been a wonderful learning experience for me. One of the toughest challenges about my job is leaving my family behind in Hawaii. Being a sports enthusiast, I especially miss my son’s baseball games. But it’s important to always stay abreast of what’s happening in the industry so that we can be the first to bring the best furniture choices and values to Hawaii.


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