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Where Inspiration Comes From: Post-party

As I’m writing this, I’m still recovering from our daughter’s graduation party. I don’t know if it was the stress of jamming 74 friends & family in the yard and living room or the fact that this party was a milestone in our lives.

After 3 days of picturesque Hawaiian weather, the morning greeted us with a typical drizzle, which turned into a heavy rain. Luckily, we caught a break in the afternoon with drying weather, and a somewhat overcast sky. Time to decorate!

The tea light citronella candles in the mason jars did an excellent job in setting the casual and simple mood for the evening. We placed clusters on the tables to create an inviting place for guests to sit down and enjoy their dinner. We even put some of the jars (with battery-operated candles for safety reason) in the trees just like the photos I saw on pinterest!

The jars were scattered on tables inside and outside our home.
Marisa Gee Photography

It was a cool night, but not a windy one. Perfect for the candles to stay lit most of the evening.
Laura Dux Photography

Inside we set up the popcorn bar which turned out to be fun for the kids and adults. One of our friends, Carole later emailed me saying “I LOVED the popcorn bar. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks!”

With very little space, we tucked the Popcorn Bar at the end of our dessert table so people would know we had an extra treat to take home with them.
Laura Dux Photography

Close up of the fun Popcorn Bar.
Laura Dux Photography

The Popcorn Bar proved to be a fun idea for all ages.
Photo by Garrin Miyashiro

Some people took home their popcorn. Others just ate it at the party. Photo by Garrin Miyashiro.

I was so glad I saw the idea of the photo display on pinterest because people really loved it. So much better than gluing the photos on a display board or putting together a ho-hum slideshow, it gave guests a chance to browse at their leisure.

“I love the pictures,” said Dave. “It looks like an art gallery.”

“They were fanta-bulous!” said Gayle. “Are you going to leave them up all year? I would.”

We made prints of our favorite photos to hang around the room.
Laura Dux Photography

The photo display captured events of our daughter’s senior year of high school.
Marisa Gee Photography

It was a great conversation piece. At the end of the party, our daughter offered the pictures to her friends as keepsakes.
Laura Dux Photography

The photo display was a creative alternative to ordinary party streamers. Photo by Garrin Miyashiro.

But of course, parties (especially in Hawaii) are all about FOOD! Some of the favorites were chicken katsu, sushi, baked salmon, and Japanese potato salad. For dessert, we had red velvet cupcakes (thanks Gayle), dreamsicle cake, lemon bars, and brownies. Our nonalcoholic party also featured a Ginger-infused Ginger Ale with limes and oranges fresh from our garden.

Ginger-infused Ginger Ale.
Marisa Gee Photography

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Marisa Gee Photography

Parties are all about the food.
Laura Dux Photography

Keeping it casual and simple kept everything personable. No long speeches or trendy games. It was a graduation party, but it was more about celebrating with family and friends in our home.

Our youngest guest was four. Our oldest was my wonderful Aunty Mildred who is 95.
Laura Dux Photography

And of course I have to include a picture of our amazing, very talented daughter, Laura.

Marisa Gee Photography

Are you hosting a party at your home soon? Do you browse pinterest randomly looking for inspiration? What ideas have you found on pinterest that you want to try? Don’t forget to check out our boards at for inspiring ideas for your home.

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2 comments on “Where Inspiration Comes From: Post-party

  1. eastcoast123
    June 26, 2012

    Terri, what type of t-shirt designs do you do and how creative are your designs ?

    • kawahanui
      June 26, 2012

      I think our t-shirt company is pretty creative. Thanks for asking.

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