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My Life as a Microfiber Sectional

Being a microfiber sectional in a household of five is hard work. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is perfect for a well-used sectional because it is durable and easy to maintain. That’s especially important when you have couple of guys living with you. Being a sectional makes me one of the more versatile items in the family room. I almost feel like the favorite child. The funny thing is everyone in our home uses me differently.

The Dad seems to think he gets immunity from house-work once he sits in his favorite spot. The Mom could be calling for help from just a few feet away and he doesn’t move an inch. Plus, don’t get me started on his popcorn droppings that fall between my cushions. Good thing I’m low maintenance and not a grumbler like some people.

For whatever reason, The Mom uses me as a place to sleep. My stylish rounded corner is a perfect fit for her body. And my firm cushions give her just enough support for a restful nap. The only thing that wakes her is when someone turns off the tv. I think she’s so tired because she doesn’t get much help from that Dad guy. 

Having three twenty-something kids under one roof can sprout a lot of issues. My size makes it perfect for family meetings. Microfiber is so comfortable even while enduring long, long negotiations. The family also congregates on me during dinner and movie night. I’ve must have watched every episode of “Big Bang Theory” a bajillion times.

Speaking of dinner, the Dad loves throwing pizza parties. He feels like he cooks by doing the pick-up. Once again I’m the ideal gathering place for friends and family. No worries about little spills because I’m so easy to clean. Unlike Aunty T who never leaves without
dropping pepperoni on her blouse. She should really consider wearing microfiber tops.

It isn’t uncommon to find the girls using me as a place to
multi-task. They can be texting their boyfriends, doing their homework on their laptops, listening to music, and watch tv all at the same time. Because my quality seats are resilient you could never tell how long they were occupying me. With all of their skills, you would think they would know how to cook by now.

It’s hard for me to stay humble because I’m just so popular with my family. The bed, the dining table, they are so jealous of me since I get so much attention. I must say I am the favorite child.

About Karl Miyashiro
When Karl isn’t at his day job as a Graphic Artist, he is playing tennis or thinking about playing tennis. He is somewhat witty and enjoys writing as much as creating humorous designs for a local t-shirt company that he co-owns.

All photos by Laura Dux Photography.

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