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The Long Journey to Your Living Room – Part 2

So now where were we? Ah that’s right. Last week your furniture was waiting patiently at the factory to be loaded onto a container destined for Honolulu!

After arriving into Honolulu Harbor, three HomeWorld departments, Merchandising, Logistics, and Receiving work closely during the receiving procedure.  Communication is key to ensure a smooth process. Our Logistics department notifies Merchandising and Receiving that a container of furniture has arrived and can be transported to our warehouse for offloading.


One of the many containers that arrive to our 90,000-square-foot warehouse.

During the offloading process, each carton is inspected, labeled, and racked into our warehouse. Each item is assigned it’s very own identification number, similar to your Social Security Number. This identification number will follow each piece of furniture through its life within our retail system. At any given point, we are able to locate an item in our huge warehouse.


Furniture from sofas to chests are placed on our nine-level racks.

Once the receiving process is complete, our Sales Associates are notified that your merchandise is now available and can be scheduled for delivery.


Sales Associate Perry Ugale verifying inventory and scheduling a customer’s delivery date and time.

Once a your delivery date has been scheduled and confirmed, our Prep department will inspect and prepare each item for your exciting day of delivery. They ensure that each item is assembled correctly and ready for its brand new home.


Amazingly, up to 350 pieces are processed every day, six days a week.

Prepped and ready to go, your furniture is assigned a delivery lane.  These lanes ensure quality control and accuracy when your order is loaded into the delivery truck.


The Delivery Coordinator makes sure the furniture is loaded on the correct truck based on delivery location.

Our delivery trucks are loaded carefully with each customer’s order, wrapped in plastic and blankets.  Furniture is organized with the first item in the truck to be the last item to be delivered that day.


Did you know that HomeWorld is apart of the C.S. Wo & Sons family of furniture stores?



Furniture being loaded and tied to ensure a safe ride to your home!

Upon reaching your home, our Delivery team will finish assembling your furniture and place it in the room of your choice.


And now for the exciting and fun portion of our journey… enjoying your beautiful new furniture! It’s always exciting to have something new in your home.


If you’ve made a purchase from HomeWorld, or know of someone who has, please send us a photo of your new furniture.  It’s always great to hear from our extended HomeWorld ohana!



About Taryn Kabei

When not working as the Digital Media Specialist for HomeWorld, Taryn, an avid foodie is always cooking and trying new recipes. Taryn lives with her husband, Kevin, and their cat, Keiko in Honolulu.




2 comments on “The Long Journey to Your Living Room – Part 2

  1. Gee Why
    April 2, 2014

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes view! Interesting stuff!

    • kawahanui
      April 3, 2014

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Have an awesome Thursday!

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