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Hot looks for blank walls

One of the hot trends for 2015 is decorating your walls without picture frames or paintings. Gone are the days of thin black picture frames with white matts and old family photos. With a little imagination, you can re-decorate every wall in your home with unexpected elements of interest. Break free from your typical gallery wall, and let your imagination soar! Here’s some out-of-the-frame ideas to get you started.

1. Display your love

Show off your hobby or collections with an entire wall dedicated to what you love.

2. Show it in multiples

Anything in multiples looks purposeful and creates a bold statement.


Do you want to decorate with clocks? Look for a variety of sizes to make your display interesting and memorable. Wall clocks by Howard Miller at HomeWorld.


3. Reflect your personality

Everyone knows the power of decorating with mirrors. They are not only practical, but they reflect light and give the illusion of a larger space for smaller rooms. So why not create an entire wall of assorted mirrors?

Assorted mirrors artfully placed on a wall at HomeWorld show how mirrors bring light and add drama to a room.

Assorted mirrors artfully placed on a wall at HomeWorld show how mirrors bring light and add instant interest to a room.

4. Ever-changing artwork

Why limit your little artist’s fingerpainting to the refrigerator. By using clipboards or clothespins in lieu of picture frames, you can switch out the drawings and instagram pictures easier.

art in clipboards

photo source:

If you love to play with lettering, try painting a wall or two with chalkboard paint and create easy to change original artwork for your walls.

5. Grow a vertical gardens

By far my favorite is having a vertical garden. And if it’s edible, all you need is the salad dressing!

What unexpected elements do you have on your walls?



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When not watching her favorite TV channel, HGTV, Terri likes crafting, gardening, and thrifting at neighborhood garage sales.

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