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Little known furniture secrets to love

I love it when furniture designers have creative solutions for how we really live. Everybody wants a picture-perfect model home.

Silhouette Collection by Universal Furniture at

Silhouette Collection by Universal Furniture at

But real life is messy with exposed lamp and electronic cords dangling and clutter everywhere.

Gasp! My nightstand with messy cords showing.

Gasp! My nightstand with messy cords showing.

Perhaps these clever furniture finds will be the solution you’ve been looking for.

1. Banish those unsightly cords

Yes, we need our lamps, clocks, and mobile devices nearby but curse those pesky cords! Tame those cords with these clever nightstands.


LIV360 Cambridge 3-Drawer Nightstand (left) & LIV360 Walnut Park 3-Drawer Nightstand (right)

The LIV360 Cambridge and Walnut Park 3-drawer nightstand by Aspen Home have a built-in charging station in the top drawer to recharge your mobile devices. Touch lighting system in the base will illuminate the floor at night.


Recharge in the top drawer keeps cords out of sight. Both nightstands are available at

The Summer Hill and Silhoulette 3-drawer nightstands by Universal Furniture have hidden lift lids that reveal built-in power outlets for your lighting and mobile devices.


Summer Hill 3-Drawer Nightstand (left) & Silhouette 3-Drawer Nightstand (right)

Top of back edge lifts for easy access to a built-in power strip. Both nightstands are available at

2. Hide electronics when not in use

For years, people hid their boxy TVs in hutches or entertainment units. Now, with sleeker flat-screen TVs, what do you do with the rest of the unsightly electronics including your gaming station.


Drop-front drawer keeps your electronics hidden for a more united look. Available at

The Summer Hill entertainment center has a center drop-front drawer with easy access to your electronic devices. Smart design includes an easy wire management to tame the cords.

3. Accessory convenience

As a firm believer that one can never have enough totes, I love this thoughtful design.


Summer Hill Drawer Chest by Universal Furniture available by special order.

The Summer Hill Drawer Chest is designed with a chic valet hanger to hold hats or bags. This makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze with everything in one place. Also, top drawers have felted jewelry storage.

4. Secret jewelry compartment

This self-standing full-length mirror is a fantastic addition to any bedroom. The secret is that this armoire opens to reveal a deep, black fabric-lined jewelry compartment that safely organizes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more.

Hampton Chevel Jewelry Armoire by Powell. Shown closed at

Hampton Cheval Jewelry Armoire by Powell. You can view more photos at

Hampton Chevel Jewelry Armoire by Powell. Shown open at

Hampton Cheval Jewelry Armoire provides ample hidden storage for your entire collection.

What kind of hidden functionality would you want your furniture to have?


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