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Design the room of your dreams

Isn’t it great how technology makes everything easier and better? Remember those days of using graph paper to map out your room to see if your furniture would fit? This was fine until you had to make changes. And there was no way to actually see the room in 3-D.

Well, put away your pencil and paper, because now HomeWorld Furniture Consultants have a Room Planner app on their tablets!

All you need to do is measure your room, windows, and doors. Then make an appointment on our website or come to our store and show your measurements to any HomeWorld Furniture Consultant.

Within a few minutes, they can create a simple blank canvas with your room specs to help you visualize your space. The room planning app helps you visualize the room flow, layout, and size.

This makes shopping for furniture easier, because you can see the scale of the furniture in your room before even making a purchase. Plus, making changes is easy on the tablet and adjusting along the way is a breeze.


Alma Smith Sales Manager HomeWorld Honolulu

With the Room Planner app, you can easily view your room design in 3-D. It is extremely helpful to see your room at different angles, says Alma Smith, Sales Manager at HomeWorld Honolulu.

“It really helps customers build confidence with their decisions because with the Room Planner app, they can visualize their entire room,” says Alma. “Without it, they might have overlooked areas in their room.”

michaelwood copy

Michael Wood Home Furniture Consultant HomeWorld Pearlridge

HomeWorld Pearlridge Home Furniture Consultant Michael Wood agrees.

“I had a gentleman who had his room dimensions saying he was looking for a dresser and a mattress. He had ideas for all the pieces he wanted but didn’t think they could fit in his studio,” says Michael. “Once he purchased the mattress, I was able to create a new room for him with his dimensions. I ended up helping him find a dresser, a nightstand/end table, a sofa, entertainment stand, desk, office chair, area rug, coffee table, and 2 lamps. We furnished the whole studio because he was able to visualize the furniture in his new home.”

Using the room planner app on his tablet, Michael designed this studio room for his customer. Photo courtesy of Michael Wood.

Using the room planner app on his tablet, Michael designed this studio room for his customer. Photo courtesy of Michael Wood.

“The room planner is a great tool that helps us help our customers,” adds Michael.

Charlyn Bookhart

Charlyn Bookhart Home Furniture Consultant HomeWorld Pearlridge

“You can also play with different color palettes on walls and accessories,” says Charlyn Bookhart, HomeWorld Pearlridge Home Furniture Consultant. ” We can replicate the room as closely as possible and the customer can take a virtual tour of their space. It’s a wonderful tool to help a customer feel free to be more creative and see what the finished space might look like beforehand, saving them time and money,” says Charlyn.

Recently, Charlyn used the room planner app to furnish an office for a Psychologist. “She wanted something different than a typical doctor’s office, ” says Charlyn. After completing the space in the room planner app, she was able to take a virtual tour of her completed office. “She was so happy with it that I am now in the process of completing her second office in Hilo.”

Room planning app helped to design a doctor's office. Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.

Room planning app helped to design a doctor’s office.
Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.


Here is the office after it was completed. Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.


Another view of the office. Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.

Charlyn and Michael also used their Room Planner app to furnish a 6-bedroom home that was completely empty.

Working with such an blank slate, Charlyn and Michael used Room Planner to design all the rooms in the 6-bedroom home.


Here is the finished living room from another view.

“Although we were given creative freedom with the space, we used the room planner so that the customer could visualize the finished space. We couldn’t have done it without using the room planner,” says Charlyn.


Before:  The family room empty with tan carpet. Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.


After:  Now the family room is full of color and warmth and is welcoming. Photo courtesy of Charlyn Bookhart.

If you are interested in seeing how the room planner app works for you, Charlyn suggests having measurements or schematics of your space. “Also taking pictures on your phone will help us see your space so we can better assist you,” says Charlyn.

Ready to plan your room?  Make an appointment to create the room of your dreams.





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