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How to care for your sofa


Deco sofa by La-Z-Boy.

It’s the biggest piece of furniture in your living room. You and your family sit and lie on it every day. Every once in awhile you even nap there. Yet, are you taking the same care of your sofa as it is caring for you?


Romie Baoit HomeWorld Pearlridge Sales Manager

Here’s solid advice on caring for your sofa so that it looks and feels its best from HomeWorld Pearlridge Sales Manager Romie Baoit.

vacuumEvery time you vacuum your floor, vacuum your sofa. Dust collects on your sofa, just as it does on your wood surfaces. The only difference is that you don’t see it. Take the time to vacuum in-between the cushions. At the same time, check to see if anything has fallen in-between the cushions, such as toys or crumbs.

If you have loose cushions, flip them so they will have an even wear. Some areas on your sofa will show overuse from daily usage, turning the cushions over and rotating them will extend the life of your sofa.

For leather sofas, apply a leather conditioner 2 to 3 times a year. Because leather is made from natural animal hide, it can occasionally dry out and develop small cracks. The leather conditioner with a microfiber cloth will buff the surface to keep it at its best.

Always purchase a stain protection plan when you purchase a new sofa. Romie says this is a “no brainer” and ensures his customers that HomeWorld has the best stain protection available.


“It gives people peace of mind so they don’t have to worry about their sofa,” says Romie. “With HomeWorld’s stain protection plans (Plan A & B), you don’t have to worry about pen marks, nail polish spills, or food stains”, Romie explains.

“I had one customer who said he’s going to cover his new furniture with sheets to protect it because that’s what his parents did,” says Romie. “I asked him why would you do that when you spent all this time choosing the style and color you want. With the stain protection plans, you can enjoy your sofa without the worry. He agreed.”

“I tell all my customers about the plans,” says Romie. “It’s the best stain protection plans in the country,” he says.

For more information on how to care for your sofa, visit:






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