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The History of the Loveseat

With such a lovely name as loveseat, one would think it has a romantic origin.

Photo by Retha Ferguson on

Not so.

The loveseat can be traced back to the late 1600, but it was not designed for couples like its name implies.

While we don’t know who the official inventor was, the earliest loveseats were designed not for amorous purposes, but to give women a place to sit down and smooth out their big poofy dresses. All that fabric and hoops made sitting difficult for fashionable women in those days and the loveseat gave them a necessary bit of extra room. (source: blog.pennlive)

As fashion evolved and clothing became slimmer, many couples took advantage of this “oversized chair” to sit closer to each other for conversation, but not for touching. Hence, the name loveseat which became popular in the 19th century for courting purposes.

La-Z-Boy Loveseat from 1969. Photo courtesy of

Today’s loveseat still sits two people closely together but the seating is side-by-side and not facing each other. They also offer more comfort and available in more colors and styles.

Enterprise Power Reclining Loveseat with Console by Homestretch
Destrezza Italian Leather Loveseat by Natuzzi Editions

Modern loveseats continue to evolve in design and comfort – offering an alternative solution for today’s smaller living rooms. They also make nice additions to larger master bedrooms and guest bedrooms.

Read more about the evolution of loveseats here:


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