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What’s Trending: Animal accents for your home

According to, the most searched decor trend in the past six months is animal accents. That’s 20 million people looking at photos of animal decor for inspiration.

animal frames

Fabric animal silhouettes in simple frames add whimsy to this wall. Photo source: countryliving

There’s something to be said about natural elements in a room. No matter how beautiful a room looks, that unexpected accent of a patterned animal print or cowhide rug takes your room from ho-hum to playful and amazing.

Collection of weathervanes

Fabulous collection of vintage weathervanes turn this white wall into a memorable showplace. Photo source: drivenbydecor


Birds are still popular home accessories especially owls and peacocks.

You can go big with wallpaper.


Monotone animal wallpaper makes for a unique accent wall. Photo source: chasingpaper

Or small with animal trinkets here and there.


HomeWorld has three different yoga frogs posed in popular yoga positions to show your passion for yoga.


Australian Shepard on a door hinge. Photo source: sheknows.

Asian-inspired Foo dog looks great in any room.

Asian-inspired Foo dog looks great in any room.


Whale tail dish towels make a big color splash in your kitchen.


Elephant print are a popular choice for the home. Even these cute reusable shopping bags have fun marching elephants.

Whether it’s a trend or a style movement, a little animal accent will definitely add interest and whimsy to your space.

Read more about this popular trend:


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