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How to create a modern terrarium


A quick glance on Pinterest and you’ll see modern terrariums are trending.

And why not? A terrarium is a great way to bring a little bit of nature indoors.

Gone are the days of lizard habitats. Today’s terrariums are whimsical and charming.


photo source: growlittle,blogspot


photo source: trendhunter


photo source: realsimple

It’s easy to make your own terrarium. All you need are a few basics:

glass jar or any container
small rocks
activated charcoal
Sphagnum moss
potting soil or compost
assorted indoor plants

Step 1


Be creative. You can use an apothecary or mason jar, geo globe, or a fish bowl.

Step 2


Fill the bottom of the glass bowl with small rocks. This will act as your drainage.

Step 3


Add 1/2″ of activated charcoal. The charcoal is a filter to help keep the water clean. (Hint: best place to find activated charcoal is at a pet store that sells aquarium accessories.)

Step 4


Add a thin layer of Sphagnum moss to keep the potting soil from settling into the rocks.

Step 5


Add potting soil. Here, I used homemade vermicompost thanks to my hungry earthworms.

Step 6:


Use a plastic spoon to dig small holes for your plants.


Choose indoor plants for low maintenance care. These plants are even labeled terrarium in the garden center.

Plants always look good in odd numbers so I have three small plants with different heights for added interest.

Here it is!


Please excuse the glare. It’s hard to take a decent picture of a glass bowl.


Here’s a view from the top. Plants are a little overgrown.

Thought this would make a great belated birthday gift for our co-worker.


Happy Belated Birthday Susan!

All it needs is a little misting every other day.

It’s that easy! Don’t you want to make your own modern terrarium?

Or learn to make your own dish garden here.

Feeling a little adventurous? How about creating a coffee table terrarium here.




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