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How To Take a Better Holiday Party Photo

Tis the season of merriment and cheer. With all the festivities this month, you are sure to be hosting or invited to gatherings of family and friends soon. And of course someone, maybe you will be snapping photos all night long. But how do you take a good holiday picture? I asked my co-worker, Graphic Designer Tyler Johnson who occasionally freelances as a wedding and food photographer on tips on how to take better photos at your next holiday party.

tylerHave good lighting

Whether it’s a daytime get together or an evening party, good lighting is essential. “Have more light than what you think you’ll need, ” says Tyler. “Keep in mind that your eyes will adjust to a room that is dark.” Also, he says to be careful of glare and light reflections that might come from a lamp or dish ware. A shiny plate, for example may blow out the lighting for the whole picture.

Shoot at an angle

Instead of taking a picture at a regular 45 degree angle, try something different. Tyler says to “shoot at angles that you don’t normally see.” He suggests taking a picture from above or at a lower angle to make your photo more interesting.

Take a lot of pictures

The best photographers take a lot of pictures and keep only the ones that they like. For example, Tyler says he might take 20-30 pictures of a single plate of food just to get the right one. Be patient and take multiple pictures of everything. It’s easier to delete later from many pictures than to fix the few that you have.

Are you taking pictures at your next holiday get together? Feel free to send me your holiday photos and advice on taking a better holiday photo.





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