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How do you say “Thanks Dad”

If you don’t have a gift yet for Father’s Day (June 19th), don’t sweat it. Whether he’s a young dad, old dad, tall dad, short dad, has-everything dad, wants-nothing dad, we have the gift that says “Thanks Dad” this Father’s Day.


Made in Norway, the Stressless® recliner and ottoman is the ultimate in true comfort. Unlike other recliners with preset reclining positions, Stressless® reacts to your body weight and movement.

You can choose the size and style you want from the many choices available. You can also choose the color of leather or fabric for the seat and also the color of wood finish for the base.


Shop at HomeWorld now until June 20th and get a FREE Stressless accessory with your Stressless recliner and ottoman purchase.

Swing Table


This innovative accessory table conveniently attaches to your Stressless chair keeping your remote, cup, book, or anything else within arm’s reach. Choose the finish of the swing table to match the base of your chair. Fits most Stressless recliners with a round base.

Personal Table


Dad can browse online from the comfort of his own Stressless chair with this personal laptop table. Keeps your workspace directly above your lap, but can easily swing away and folded down when not in use. Choose the finish of the table to match the base of your chair.

Ellipse Table


This independent Ellipse table simply slides close to your Stressless chair giving you a small tabletop for snacks, magazines, and more.

Elevator Ring


The Stressless Elevator Ring adds 1.25″ to the height or your ottoman. Choose the finish of the wood to match the base of your chair. Fits all free-standing ottomans after March 2004.

For more information on Stressless, click here. Which one will you choose?


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