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Looking for that Perfect Chair?

Gravity is useful when you want an apple to fall from a tree. Unless it falls on your head. Then, it’s sore.

Meet The Perfect Chair by Human Touch. Its “zero gravity” design relieves soreness, tension, and fatigue caused by the earth’s gravitational pull. Inspired by NASA’s study on posture, The Perfect Chair places you in a virtually weightless position which allows your body to restore its natural balance. Sitting in the chair is also an excellent way to promote better circulation.
Do you suffer from neck tension? The Perfect Chair’s headrest and adjustable head pillow supports the neck for added comfort.
Do you experience stress or muscle strain? The Perfect Chair relieves stress from your spine, hips, and knees. It helps extend lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing.
Do you have back aches? The Perfect Chair comfortably raises your feet above the heart, removing pressure from the spine.
The Perfect Chair is the perfect blend of wellness, ergonomics, and style. Choose your favorite designer wood finish and fashionable upholstery, and enjoy the perfect seating experience. Perfect Chair cushions are expertly crafted in premium leather or bonded leather in a variety of color choices. Or choose the popular microfiber fabric in cashew. The wooden chair bases are available in 3 color choices, or you can select an upholstered base.

You can also choose between a manual or power chair. Both chairs offer the same weightless experience. The difference is the power recline system is activated by an easily reachable fingertip control. Whisper-quiet motors take the chair from upright to full recline in less than 15 seconds.
It’s definitely a chair you have to sit in it to believe.

Contributed by Christine Bongiono-Grabau, Home Furnishing Consultant at HomeWorld Honolulu


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