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Redefining Style

I don’t know if I have a particular “style,” but I do know I have definite opinions. I dislike big and bulky furniture. Paisley prints drives me crazy. And you’ll never find a brass-studded leather sofa in my living room.

With that being said, how do you define “style”? Style is personal taste. What you like and what you dislike determines your style. The tricky part is how do you integrate all the things that you like and make it work in your home.

Start with magazines, pictures, catalogs, websites, or anything that has photographs. Browse and start collecting pictures that you like. Store what you have gathered in a folder or binder. You can save ads, paint samples, or even fabric swatches. Anything that appeals to you, goes in your folder. Soon, you will have a portfolio of things you love. This will help you define your style.

Take your portfolio to a furniture store and show it to a home furnishing consultant. This will start you in the right direction of finding out what you want. Here are short descriptions of the different styles of furniture you’ll find on a showroom floor.

Classic (Traditional)

La Salle Bedroom (coming soon)

What was traditional style is now classic living. Classic living is timeless and sophisticated. White antique wash gives a fresh look to any bedroom. Storybook details such as the sculptured bedframe and metal handles enhance the happily everafter fairytale look.


Prestige Sofa

Contemporary is urban, stylish, and chic. Contemporary furniture is simplistic with clean lines. Leather, chrome, glass, and wood is commonly used in the design.

Casual (Transitional)

Tyler Sectional by Jonathan Louis

The most popular style of furniture is casual, which is a blend of classic and contemporary. Elements of both styles work together to create a casual look that is inviting and comfortable. This Tyler sectional, for example by Jonathan Louis has the traditional t-cushions which is characteristic of classic, but also has the clean line urban feel with no fuss.


Accent Chest (coming soon)

What I love best about Asian is how well it works in any room with any color. Whether it is a true antique or a replica, Asian furniture is extremely popular for its understated “wow factor.” Add a chest, dresser, or end table to any room and you’ve created a style statement that is intriguing as well as fascinating.


Grand Isle Bedroom by American Drew

Living in Hawaii gives us the opportunity to really take advantage of the island look. Tropical and casual, the island look is usually rattan or wicker but not exclusively. Sometimes the island look is understated in its design for intricated wood detail, as seen in the Grand Isle bedroom collection.

On our next blog we’ll show you how to create a cohesive look to your room while blending different furniture styles with accessories.

We want to hear from you! Post your comments, suggestions, and ideas here.

Contributed by Blaine Oshita, HomeWorld Honolulu Home Furnishing Consultant


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