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Mis + Mash = Style

I have a confession. When I moved into my home six year ago, I was intimidated to decorate it. So I took pictures of the model home and bought the exact same furniture. I still get compliments from first-time visitors that say “Your living room looks just like a model home!” It’s my little secret.

My living room

Now, after years of watching decorating shows and reading interior magazines, I’m bravely redecorating my home. But the problem is how do I create a cohesive room using a mismash of accessories with my existing groups of furniture?

It’s one thing to have a particular style: traditional, contemporary, transitional, Asian, or island. But what if you are attracted to many styles… how do you make it work?
Here are some helpful hints to make your room harmonious and welcoming.

Contemporary meets Asian
The key to accenting Asian style with contemporary is to keep it clean and simple. One dramatic piece or a collection of smaller pieces easily turn a boring corner into a captivating display.

Contemporary Fraiser Leather Sofa with Asian accessories

Asian meets Island
Neutral colors make the transition easy. Just small touches of Asian-inspired pieces add instant intrigue to this inviting Island style bedroom.

Island-style Leaf bedroom with island and Asian accessories

Traditional meets Contemporary
Talk about eclectic! Although the rustic, weathered look is so distinctive, it creates a wonderful background to the modern conveniences of today. This replica of a media easel is adapted to display your HD TV.

Vintage (traditional) Media Easel by Universal Furniture

As beautiful as this room is, it lacks interest and focus. The white sectional is comfortable and transitional in style but the grey accent pillows creates a bland environment. Too many accessories conflict with each other because of their style, color, shape, and textures. For example, the ultra contemporary silver apple detracts from the setting instead of enhancing it.

Now this room has allure and interest. The sectional is updated with fashionably blue patterned pillows. The accessories, although different in style, are grouped wisely together by color and shape to create a cohesive designer look.


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