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What to do with your spare chair

Three weekends ago, I hosted a small luncheon with my high school friends. There were seven of us but my dining set has only six chairs. No problem! I always have spare chairs in almost every room for extra seating when I need it.

But what happens to those spare chairs when I don’t need them? In an ideal world, I would have a huge house with plenty of space to store them. But you and I live in the real world where space is a premium. My spare chairs have to work every day, not just socially. Here are a few part-time jobs for your spare chairs.

Use as a cool nightstand


You see this a lot on pinterest. Side chairs or barstools make great alternative to the traditional nightstand.

Accents in the hallway


Chairs are not just for sitting. Use to display artwork, plants, hats, or any favorite thing.

Fitness routine


Sit and put on your socks and shoes for exercising. I even use a chair for balance while working out.

Doubles as a desk chair


sofa table turns into a home office with a spare barstool.

Storage for extra pillows and blankets


This spare chair keeps pretty quilts and blankets on display and accessible for chilly nights.

Spare chair or cat bed?


Do I really need a caption for this? Who needs a cat bed when your cat has claimed your chair as her own.

What do you do with your spare chairs?




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