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BIG ideas for small spaces

If you have a small space (and who doesn’t), you’re always looking for solutions to make your home or room feel bigger without breaking down walls or your piggy bank. Here are a few BIG ideas to improve your small space that you can easily do today.

Improve your lighting

Good Practice

Add a floor lamp to your room. It’s amazing what good lighting can do. It can change a room dramatically and make a small room appear larger.

Better Practice

Add a floor lamp and a table lamp. While floor lamps can illuminate a larger area, table lamps can provide targeted lighting to any dark area such as a corner or hallway.

Best Practice

Natural light is always the best choice. If privacy is not an issue, choose sheer curtains or no curtains at all and let the outside light flow in.


Natural light is the best way to make your small space feel bigger. This Ocean collection is has a loft feel that’s refreshing.

Get organized

Good Practice

Declutter what you have. It’s easier to keep your room neat if you have less stuff in it to keep neat. Even a small room feels larger with less “stuff.”

Better Practice

Have a home for everything. For example, have a basket for mail, keys, and your cellphone when you enter your home so you’re not looking for it later.

Best Practice

Never let anything pile up. Always finish every chore and you’ll never have to “deal with it” later. For instance, throw junk mail immediately in the trash. Wash dirty dishes right away.


Choose adaptive furniture

Good Practice

Double-duty furniture work twice as hard in your small space.


Choose a sofabed instead of a sofa for sitting and sleeping.

Summer Hill lift-top square cocktail at HomeWorld.

Use a lift-top coffee tables as an extra desk.

Hampton Chevel Jewelry Armoire by Powell. Shown closed at

Jewelry armoire is a dressing mirror and jewelry storage all-in-one!

Hampton Chevel Jewelry Armoire by Powell. Shown open at

Stores and hides your jewelry.

Better Practice

Triple-duty furniture are the work horses in any space.


Use this bench for seating and a footrest. Also makes for a unique coffee table in your family room.


This unique Juniper coffee table has four ottomans for a footrest or extra seating.

Best Practice

Add quadruple-duty furniture for your small space and you’ll never regret it.


Use an ottoman as a footrest, coffee table, extra seating, and as storage. It’s so simple and functional, you’ll want one in every room.

Want more ideas? Go here to find more smart ideas for your small space.



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