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What is counter-height vs. bar-height?

Growing up, there was only one type of dining table in homes: formal.

By formal, I don’t mean fancy. I mean that everyone had standard height dining tables, either rectangle or round, but they were all 28 to 30 inches tall.

Luckily, today we have more options with styles, shapes, and heights. Although more choices makes it better, it can also be confusing. For example: what’s the difference between counter-height and bar-height?

Here’s the difference:

Counter-height dining is considered more casual than standard height formal dining. Whereas the standard height table is under 30 inches tall, counter-height is usually 34 to 36 inches. It is the perfect height for standing or sitting and it is ideal for food prep.


Hamilton Gathering table is 36″ tall. The counter-height barstool is 24″ tall.

Bar-height dining is even more casual than counter-height. Because the table is usually small, it takes up less space than a standard dining table. A bar-height table is often 40 to 42 inches tall and is ideal for intimate social gatherings.


Hamilton Pub table is 42″ tall. The seat height of the barstool is 29″ tall.

It’s great to have options to match your family’s busy lifestyle. Which one would you choose?



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