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Will My Sofa Fit My Doorway?

You’ve finally decided it’s time to buy new furniture. While shopping, you fall head-over-heels in love with your dream sofa. Then, your Home Furnishing Consultant asks about your room dimensions and you start to wonder…


Here are the proper steps to take before furniture shopping:

Measure your doorway

The standard exterior doorway is 36″x84″ while the standard interior doorway is 30″x80″. How many doorways will your sofa need to pass through? If your sofa is for your living room, it will most likely  have no problems with the front door. If it’s a sofabed for your spare room, you should measure your bedroom door, plus any tight corners that you have to maneuver.

Research online

You can find measurements of all our products at


Please note that sofa height is measured from the foot to the top cushion. Most cushions extends above the hardwood frame so they can be adjusted to fit the doorway.

Shop Smart

Now that you have measurements of your doorway (or better yet, a floor plan of your home), bring it with you when shopping. Share this information with your Home Furnishing Consultant. He or she will communicate with our delivery team any areas of concern. This will help make your delivery as smooth and problem-free as possible.

Hope this advice better prepares you when shopping for furniture. If you have a suggestion to share, please send it my way.


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When not watching her favorite TV channel, HGTV, Terri likes crafting, gardening, and thrifting at neighborhood garage sales.

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