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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

If your room is looking a little blah, consider adding a mirror or two, or three to glam it up. Mirrors are a designer’s secret weapon when decorating spaces.

Lochian living room collection at HomeWorld

Metal framed circular mirror is a showstopper with the Lochian collection.

“Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms — they’re like decorative windows you can move around and place as you like. [Mirrors can] reflect and emphasize views and colors from art and/or adjacent walls creating special effects.” Designer Celia Berliner

Never underestimate the power of a well-placed mirror. Mirrors create a great focal point in a room. They add elegance and sophistication to your space. Since it’s reflective, it brings light into your room making a smaller space appear larger than it is.

Two portal mirrors at HomeWorld Asian Mirror at HomeWorld Wall of glam mirrors at HomeWorld Mirror at HomeWorld Wall of glam mirrors at HomeWorld Bedroom Mirrors at HomeWorld Circular mirror at HomeWorld Decorative mirror at HomeWorld Silver mirror at HomeWorld Round wood frame mirror at HomeWorld

Find more mirrors at


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