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Being earth-friendly isn’t difficult

A few days ago while standing in line to pay for my groceries, the lady behind me noticed my handful of reusable bags as I handed them to the cashier.

“How do you remember to bring your own bags?” she asked me. “I always forget mine,” she added.

“It’s a habit,” I answered her. When I left the store, it occurred to me that maybe some people need to learn how to shop with a reusable bag. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make it a habit.

1. Keep spare bags in the car

Don’t store your reusable bags at home where you’re most likely to forget to use them. Keep them in the car. Then when you get to the store, you can just grab them and go. I usually grab 2 to 3 bags with me from the trunk of my car before entering the store.

2. Keep one foldable tote in your purse

Even with the 2 to 3 bags in hand, occasionally I need more. I always keep an extra one in my purse for those last minute add-on purchases. And because I switch purses a lot, I have one of those easy foldable tote in every purse so I’m always prepared.


HomeWorld sells Envirosax reusable shopping totes at the Customer Service Desk. These durable, lightweight totes fold to pocket size for easy storage.

3. Return bags to the car

After I unload all my groceries in the kitchen, I neatly fold up all the bags and return them to the car or my purse. Get into this habit and you’ll never be wasting time looking for your bags again.

The added bonus is that some stores will give you credit (just a few cents) every time you use your bag. It’s a little thing in terms of savings, but a really big thing you are doing for our planet.



About Terri Dux

When not watching her favorite TV channel, HGTV, Terri likes crafting, gardening, and thrifting at neighborhood garage sales.

One comment on “Being earth-friendly isn’t difficult

  1. Dayna
    October 4, 2017

    Yes, I keep all my reusable bags in my trunk. As soon as I’ve unloaded my groceries I take my bags back to the trunk. If I don’t then the bags will never get back in my car.

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