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Small Space Decorating: Sharing a Bedroom with a Sibling

Fifty years ago, with large families living in smaller homes, kids sharing bedrooms was all but unavoidable; even First Lady Michelle Obama shared a room with her brother.

Especially in Hawaii where square-footage is a premium, smaller is looking smarter once again. There’s a new generation of siblings that are learning that sharing a room can be fun. Even if you’re short on space, your kids shared bedroom can be big on style while allowing each child to express his or her own personality.

Cute girl sitting at loft bed

They may be small now, but babies grow fast and will want a space of their own that reflects their personalities.

For a room that’s organized, convenient and free of clutter on beds, desks and floors, choose space-saving, multi-functional furniture. Lofts, trundle beds, and bunk beds add an element of kid-pleasing cool while helping to create separate zones for sleeping, studying, and playing. College dorms and studio apartments effectively utilize space in these ways. Instead of trying to squeeze two nightstands into the room, try a desk between the beds. A room divider can provide more privacy. By creating personalized space for each child in a shared room, you’ll also be teaching them to respect others’ boundaries and belongings.

Dawson's Ridge twin over twin bunked by Legacy

Built-in storage drawers in the base of this Dawson’s Ridge Bunkbed keeps the room organized and less cluttered. Available as a twin over twin, twin over full, or full over full size bunkbed.

To help keep a shared space relatively stress-free, choose a neutral color palette for walls, using similar hues for furnishings and bedding to make the room feel larger. Soft lighting from different locations will add to the effect. Encourage each child’s personal expression in the bedroom by blending stripes, plaids and florals in favorite coordinating colors and letting them choose cool accessories and special toys.

Madison Twin over full bunkbed by Legacy

Neutral colors keep this room light and refreshing. White finish Madison bunked can also be separated to use as two side-by-side beds if desired.

Add wall shelves, built-in dressers, bulletin boards, and home organizers to keep clutter confined for a calmer, more spacious atmosphere. Encourage children to weed out clutter on a regular basis, keeping only what they need and are enjoying right now as their activities and interests change.

girl on ladder of loft bed

Private loft space is a fun way to create a little nook for quiet time.

From toddlers to teens, children who are involved in decorating and organizing their personal space tend to take more interest in keeping it clean and comfortable, parenting experts say. We say anything that encourages kids to clean their rooms is well worth a try!

Do you have a great idea on creating a successful shared bedroom?


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