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Creating a successful homework station

Desk top Study Smart

When I was little, my dad built me an adorable little desk that was tucked away in the corner of my bedroom. It was painted white with blue and green drawers. The drawers would sometime stick because it was all wood with no metal glides but I adored it because it was all mine.

basic desk

Setting up a desk for your child is not only practical, it also starts your child on the right foot. It empowers him or her to be organized and independent. Mostly, it shows your child that homework is important and worthy of a special place of its own.

Start with a proper desk

Today’s homework assignments are not limited to paper and crayons. They will be using laptops, cellphones, and tablets to do research, school projects, and take tests. Make sure your child has room for multiple devices along with access to outlets for charging.

Mila Console Desk

Mila Console Desk with its retro vibe acts as a console in the living room.

#myRoom by Smartstuff

#myRoom desk and hutch by Smartstuff makes for a functional homework station

Dawson's Ridge Desk & Hutch by Legacy Classic

Dawson’s Ridge desk and hutch has plenty of storage space for books and more.

Focus on great lighting

Homework always goes into the night so opt for a desk lamp. Poor lighting can lead to tired eyes and lack of focus.

Desk with a lamp and laptop

Bring on the brain food

Fuel your child with healthy snacks while studying will allow he or she to focus longer instead of taking frequently breaks to the kitchen to hunt for food. Keep them happy with blueberries which improves learning capacity and nuts, a proper source of vitamin E. (source:

Healthy snacks

How do you create a successful homework station?


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